Take A Chance On Me

January 14, 2011

So, I am a huge “The Office” fan. I remember the first episode I saw was season 5’s “The Duel”. I was invited to an office January premiere party by one of my friends who was a big fan. I had NO idea what i was getting into. The show was weird to me at first, but I found it pretty funny. I talked another friend into watching it too and we borrowed seasons 2-4 from other friends and became HOOKED. We got caught up in the story lines (especially Jim and Pam!!). And we have been avid Thursday night watchers ever since.

Last summer, Steve Carell announced that he would be leaving at the end (today i just found out BEFORE the end) of season 7. I respect his decision to go on to his family/bigger and better projects. However, I feel like it is the kiss of death to “The Office”. Everyone, including Carell, insists that the show WILL go on after season 7 and be successful. While the show may go on, I don’t believe it will be very successful. As much as I love every character on the show from Michael to Stanley, it will never be the same without Steve. At least they are not stupid enough to recast the character, but an extreme void will be left without Michael Scott.

The Office has done well as an ensemble show, but it cannot deny that for seven years Steve Carell had been the fearless leader. Even people who are not avid fans of the show know Michael Scott. He is part of (who I consider) the big four of “The Office”: Jim, Pam, Dwight, and MICHAEL. The show without any of those characters is not the same. There are so many talented actors, comedians, and writers who work on this show, but they will not be able to replace a character this valuable. My prediction is that the show will continue to season 8 and then fall off as it’s British counterpart did when it’s star, Ricky Gervais, left. I will forever be a fan of “The Office”, but I think I’ll only be faithful to seasons 1-7.

What do you think? Should we not give up on “The Office”?